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Welcome to Healing Hands Aroma Massage in Springfield Lakes QLD

We offer an escape to be nurtured with exceptional body and facial massage. Lift your senses to a peaceful feeling in our spa-standard studio that is infused with a soothing, aromatic ambience. 

Half Body Massage $40 / 30 mins

Full Body Massage $70 / 60 mins

Advanced Massage $100 / 90 mins

First Visit $10 OFF


Basic Facial $40 / 30 mins

Advanced Facial $70 / 60 mins

First Visit $10 OFF  


Bowel Massage $40 / 30 mins

First Visit $10 OFF


Touch of Bliss $100 / 90 mins

Touch of Heaven $130 / 120 mins 

Great gift idea to give voucher for rejuvenating treatment.

Our bodies communicate to us

clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.

Shakti Gawain