Healing Hands Aroma Massage

- for your good health and beauty -

Back & Decollete Beauty - Clay Therapy

Great for BRIDAL, Party, Formal and your special occasion!

Lay back and enjoy an invigorating dry skin brushing and exfoliation followed by detox clay masque customised for your skin’s condition.

Enjoy a warm application of healing grade of clay masque to cleanse, balance, soothe, hydrate and repair the skin. 

Relive tension, soothe the nervous system and restore energy flow by nurturing aromatherapy massage.

Awaken with a beautiful application of hydration cream leaving your body feeling lovingly hydrated.

This treatment will restore vitality and well-being to your mind and body.

Back Beauty           $50 /  30 mins
Skin Brushing | Back Exfoliation | Detox Clay Masque(Back) | Massage(Legs and Back) | Hydration

Face & Decollete Beauty   $50 /  30 mins
Cleansing | Exfoliation | Detox Clay Masque(Face and Decollete) | Massage( Face, Decollete and Scalp) | Hydration

Perfect Beauty    $90 /  60 mins
Back Beauty + Face & Decollete Beauty  

Begin your wedding or special occasion plans in luxurious spa style with KOBI massage. We creating unforgettable wedding memories and beautiful journeys. 

Indulge yourself to celebrate in style with a uniquely tailored  for your special day. This is a truly relaxing and memorable way to release tension during the busy months leading up to the big day. 

  • Stimulates the skins function
  • Detoxes & energies the skin and internal organs
  • Exfoliates and regenerates skin tissue refining wrinkles
  • Helps heal skin lesions such as mosquito bites, acne, rashes and sun burn
  • Absorbs impurities and acids from the skin tissue
  • Balances the electromagnetic energy field of the body 

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