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Customer Testimonials

15/01/2017 "5 Star class spa treatment" Melokia Lomi Lomi / Hawaiian Massage Therapist / Cairns
I feel safe to visit her and can received 5 star class resort spa treatment and hospitality as Nori has many experiences at spa before. Her personality is friendly and attractive. I would like to take her new menu Uplifting Facial Massage next time !
15/12/2016 "Uplifts entire face!" Kiyomi / Business Owner / Gold Coast
I was surprised when I saw my face after treatment. I found uplifts the entire face and improve circulation which makes me look younger, fresher and healthier. Personally I like body massage and facials and trying many times before. I highly recommend Nori. She has reliable experiences, techniques and gentle personality. The room is also clean, tidy and relaxing. I totally relaxed

14/12/2016 " Cairns’s loss is Brisbane’s gain!" Itoshi / Nurse, Massage Therapist / Cairns

Nori is one of the best therapists I have ever met! As a massage therapist myself, I am very particular about getting massages, but Nori is one of the few therapists that I really enjoy every treatment from and I can recommend to anyone.

I use to have regular aromatherapy massages and waxing treatments with Nori when she lived in Cairns.

Nori could lead me to the deepest relaxation stage, and when we finish the treatment, I always felt not only relaxed, but also felt the therapeutic outcome. Nori can work on specific needs but also is able to work with a holistic approach. Nori selects the best products for her treatments and I enjoyed aromatherapy massage with her selection of doterra essential oils.

Her waxing technique is very quick and efficient, her bright and friendly nature make waxing treatments comfortable and fun!

Nori is a great therapist, and I really enjoy her loving and compassionate personality while she always remains very professional.

Cairns’s loss is Brisbane’s gain! People in Brisbane are so lucky to have her. I really miss her but I wish her all the best for her new adventures in Brisbane.

14/12/2016 "Relieved tiredness" Kumi / Retail / Cairns
I had a massage from Nori when I worked as chef. My back and shoulders were rock hard. Nori relieved tiredness from my body. She is so tiny but her massage is strong ( I love deep tissue massage ) Her salon was comfortable and I really enjoyed the time with her.
If I will go down to Brisbane, I want to try her new menu Face massage.
13/12/2016 "I got sharp jaw line and less wrinkles!' Masako /  pâtissier / Gold Coast
I took Nori's Uplifting Facial Massage. It was great relaxation time. She has beautiful technique and right pressure. After massage, I easily found through mirror my jaw line became sharp and up as well as less wrinkle around eyes ! I highly recommend her massage if you are not experienced yet.

13/12/2016 "Refreshed well" Junko / Teacher / Cairns

I took her massage many times in Cairns when she lived. I work using computer and standing all the time, so my body was aching very much. But I refreshed well with her 30 mins massage. I miss her hands now. I want to heal by her hands and aromatherapy again.

13/12/2016  "She has God Hands ! " Kana / Mother / Cairns

Nori has god hands for massage ! Right pressure and kneading well areas where I needed most. I love her massage !! It is a great healing for mind and body. 

20/11/2016 " I almost asleep ! " Masayo / IT Editor / Cairns
I had Nori's massage many times before but it was first time to take Uplifting Facial Massage for me. It was very relaxing. I almost asleep ! I have a tooth problem on left side and usually eat on right side. Nori found it immediately. I felt easy to move my jaws and mouths after massage. If I have an opportunity to come to Brisbane I would like to take this Uplifting Facial Massage again.

20/10/2015 "Fantastic Massage"  Susie / Personal Instructor / Cairns

It was fantastic massage, so relaxing.  Thank you so much, will definitely recommend !!

27/09/2015 "Really helped with my neck pain" Zorka / Shop Owner, Retail / Cairns
Fantastic !!! Really enjoyed my massage. Really helped with my neck pain and overall well being. 
19/09/2015 "Relaxing Massage" Jacqui / Hawaiian Massage Therapist / Cairns
I had such a relaxing massage with Nori, Thank you!
07/11/2015 "Amazing" Emily / Dance Teacher / Cairns
Amazing. Very professional. Great & kind customer service. Loved it. Definitely will be back. 

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